What is an emergency?

EMERGENCY CALL 702.776.7650

  1. BulletBite wounds, puncture and lacerations

  1. BulletVaccine induced reactions or anaphylactic reactions

  1. BulletBleeding (nose bleeds, bleeding from soft tissue masses, etc.)

  1. BulletRespiratory distress (panting, labored breathing, nasal discharge, excessive sneezing / coughing)

  1. BulletCollapse or fainting

  1. BulletChange in behavior

  1. BulletExcessive scratching / itching, skin infections and other skin lesions

  1. BulletSeizures, muscle spasms, incoordination, disoriented

  1. BulletConsecutive bouts of vomiting and/or diarrhea

  1. BulletTrouble giving birth

Common Emergency Situations

If your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms or if you have questions, please contact us immediately at 702.7767650

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An emergency is defined as a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. 

Easier said that recognized, right? Some health emergencies are obvious, while others are subtle leaving you to wonder what you should do. In these cases, it is best to remember that old saying, "Better safe than sorry."

The truth of the matter is that know one knows your pet better than YOU! If you believe your pet is uncomfortable, sick or injured, please don’t hesitate to bring him or her in for evaluation and allow us to be their unspoken voice of reason.

  1. BulletDifficulty walking, paralysis / paresis or other leg lameness

  1. BulletIngestion of toys or toxins / medications not currently prescribed 

  1. BulletTrauma / hit by a car

  1. BulletDifficulty urinating / defecating, inappropriate urinating

  1. BulletExcessive drinking and/or eating habits

  1. BulletEye issues (excessive blinking, pawing at face and eyes, ocular discharge, unable to open eye(s), vision impairment)

  1. BulletNot eating or drinking

  1. BulletFoul odor from the mouth, excessive drooling

  1. BulletHead tilt, excessive head shaking and/or ear scratching, swollen ear(s)

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